ecology and sustainable forest management
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ECOGESFOR-UPM is a formally established Research Group since 2005. Its main field of activity is forests and other natural ecosystems sustainable management, based on sound ecological basis. Our prime scientific and technical challenge is to be effective in the development of practical solutions to the most socially demanded problems in the field of multipurpose management of terrestrial natural ecosystems, including forests.


A rather diversified bunch of research scientists, all of them involved in University teaching and research activities, belongs to ECOGESFOR-UPM. Most of them have a vast experience in several research topics, covering Forest Hidrology and Hidraulics, Land Planning and Classification, Forest Inventory and Management, Silviculture, Pasciculture and Grazing, Reforestation, Forest Botany, Forest Soils, Forest and Landscape Ecology, and Ecological Impact Assessment.

Our Group scientific staff is currently applying its wide background to develop projects and studies at different scales, considering the integration of various aspects of natural resources and ecosystem management as their key point.

For undertaking those projects, ECOGESFOR Group has several specialized research facilities and labs. Provided, land spatial dimension is critical in most of the research works, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are fully implemented in several research units, and most of the staff is familiar with their use. Consequently, the Group is able to deal with a broad range of forestry and natural environment management projects, involving field work as well as office analysis.


o    Multi-purpose planning of forest ecosystems and landscapes.
o    Restoration of river ecosystems.
o    Restoration of areas degraded by hydrologic and erosion processes or forest fires.
o  Application of silvicultural and grazing practices to the regeneration, improvement and conversion of Mediterranean forests.
o    Forest plant quality.
o    Forest landscape ecology and monitoring.
o    Evaluation techniques of forest systems and resources and its biodiversity.
o    Multi-scale land modelling for forestry purposes.
o    Ecological Impact Assessment (EIA) and correction.
o    Forest Botany.
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