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Ramón Elena-Roselló
Ramón Elena-Rosselló
Tel. +34 913367660
Escuela de Ingeniería Forestal y del Medio Natural (EUIT Forestal), Av. Ramiro de Maeztu s/n, 28040, Madrid, Spain.

Dr. Ramon Elena-Rosselló is Professor in Forest Ecology, of the Department of Silvopascicultura of the School of Forest and Natural Environment Engineering (EIFORNAT-UPM) at Polytechnical University of Madrid. His Academic Background is Forest Engineer (UPM) in 1977. He got his Ph.D. in 1982.

His fields of expertise are Forest Ecology, Forest Climatology, Landscape Ecology and Land Classification and Evaluation for Forestry Purposes. He has been Research Fellow at the Department of Ecology (National Institute for Agrarian Research-INIA) Spain (1979 -1982). In 1982  he worked as a post-doctorate research fellow at Merlewood Research Station (Institute of Terrestrial Ecology ITE), UK. In the period 1982 -1985 he was post-doctorate research fellow at the Department of Ecology (INIA), Spain. From 1985 until 1988 he was research assistant at the Department of Silviculture and Forest Management (INIA), Spain, where he became principal Investigator at the Department of Forest Systems (INIA) from 1988 until 1992 with a break in 1991 of one year, when he worked as research associate at the Department of Forestry and Resource Management, University of California at Berkeley, U.S.A. Since 1993 he is professor in Forest Ecology at EUITF-U.P.M. Since 1999 he is Vice-Dean of EUITF-UPM for Research and Study Programs. In April 2012, he was credited   as Full Professor by the ANECA (Spanish University Quality Agency). From 2005 until may 2012, he has been the main researcher of ECOGESFOR – UPM Research Group.

His research activity is mainly devoted to Forest Ecology and Climatology, Landscape Ecology, Biogeoclimatic Land Modelling and Forest Site Ecological Assessment. After his Doctoral thesis devoted to Forest Climate Classification of the Duero Bassin, he has been working in the next  topics financially supported throughout National and European competitive  research projects: Parametric Autoecology of Spanish Forest Tree Species (Black pine, Cork oak, Chesnut tree, Beech tree); Biogeoclimatic Land Classification (Navarre, CLATERES); European Correlation of Forest Site Classification Systems, Spanish Rural Landscape Monitoring (SISPARES); Landscape Ecology applied to Forest Management at district level (ECOPORF);  Natura 2000 monitoring through remote sensing technology at European scale (ENVIP-nature); European framework for Biodiversity assessment and monitoring (BIOHAB); European Biodiversity Observation Network, EBONE; and Forest landscape connectivity monitoring (DECOFOR).

He has 123 publications: Author of 16 Books, 14 Book chapters (12 in International books), 11 papers in SCI referred International, 26 papers in other scientific Journals, 11 paper in technical Journals, 18 papers in International Congress Proceedings and 21 in National Meetings, Editor of 6 books and 10 Issues of the Revista Investigación Agraria, Sistemas y Recursos Forestales (currently Forest Systems).

Key publications

ELENA ROSSELLÓ R., 1997. Clasificación Biogeoclimática de España Peninsular y Balear. Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación, Madrid. 460 pp.  enlace al pdf

BUNCE R.G.H, BRANDT J., DE BLUST G., ELENA-ROSSELLÓ R., et al. 2008. A Standardised Procedure for Surveillance and Monitoring European Habitats and provision of spatial data. Landscape Ecology 23,11-25. 
enlace al pdf

ELENA-ROSSELLÓ R., SAURA S., 2011. Book review “Deforestation and Climate Change. Reducing Carbon Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation”. European Review of Agricultural Economics 38: 283-286.

GARCÍA-FECED C., SAURA S., ELENA-ROSSELLÓ R., 2011. Improving landscape connectivity in forest districts: A two-stage process for prioritizing agricultural patches for reforestation. For.Ecol.Manage., 261(1), 154-161. enlace al pdf

ORTEGA M., METZGER M.J., BUNCE R.G.H., WRBKA T., ALLARD A., JONGMAN R.H.G., ELENA-ROSSELLÓ R., 2012. The potential for integration of environmental data from regional stratifications into a European monitoring framework. J. Environ. Planning Manage., 55(1), 39-57. enlace al pdf

ORTEGA M., SAURA S., GONZÁLEZ-ÁVILA S., GÓMEZ V. & ELENA-ROSSELLÓ R., 2012. Landscape vulnerability to wildfires at the forest-agriculture interface: half-century patterns in Spain assessed through the SISPARES monitoring framework. Agroforestry Sytems 85: 331-349. enlace al pdf

MARTIN-MARTIN C., BUNCE B., SAURA S., ELENA-ROSSELLO R. 2013,  Changes and interactions between forest landscape connectivity and burnt area in Spain. Ecological Indicators (in the Press)

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